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Geza Kende

Born: Budapest, Hungary

Geza Kende was a Hungarian-born portrait and landscape painter. Kende was born January 5, 1889 in Budapest, Hungary, and spent most of his life and career living in Los Angeles. He studied at the National Academy of Art in Budapest, and also traveled abroad to study in Italy and France. Kende resided in Buffalo for a brief period, and during this time his portraits were featured in the Buffalo Society of Artists Thirtieth Annual Exhibition in 1924. His portrait of Helen Chabot received honorable mention.

In 1932 Kende settled in Los Angeles, where he spent the remainder of his life. Throughout his career he painted commissioned portraits of many notable actors and figures of the time, including actress Clara Bow. Kende was a member of the California Art Club, Painters and Sculptors of Los Angeles, and the Society of Western Artists. His work was exhibited with the Society for Sanity in Art in Los Angeles (1943-1945), the American Artists Professional League (1945), Painters and Sculptors of Los Angeles (1945) and the Oakland Art Gallery (1946). Kende died in Hollywood, California on September 2, 1952.